Monday, September 17, 2012

Wellness Update 4-I Think.

It has seemed like a long time since I last wrote about my wellness journey, and that in many ways says a lot about where my journey is.  But, as was my goal, I continue to learn about myself, my wellness, and the different ways in which I need to grow.

Here are a few of those learning moments from the last two weeks:

  • Even though it will hurt.  You can't take 5 days off just because your legs kill from the workout that your trainer put you through.
  • You have to embrace the challenge that your next workout with your personal trainer will be, not shy away from it.
  • Going on a wellness journey that is being documented in the newspaper is fun, having people recognize you while on that journey is interesting.  This past week our first articles ran, and when I went to buy a hot dog at the soccer game, after not eating all day, the concession stand owner was questioning my commitment.  Later in the week, while at the football game, the same thing happened over a bag of Peanut M&Ms.  The nice part of this is my accountability network just got a whole lot bigger.  Now if I can just get my staff to use the keys that I gave them to lock up our community stash of chocolate it would be even better.
  • I am a major stress eater, and I have a job that occasionally has stress.  One of the key pieces that I need to learn in this journey is a better outlet for my stress than food, particularly the unhealthy kind that I invariably turn to in those moments of stress.
  • I am getting used to running on the treadmill, but I stil don't love it.  I need to interspace some runs outside on weekends just for the enjoyment of being outside on a run.
  • Weekends are deadly.  The biggest pattern is I lose weight through the week, and then add it during the weekend.  While this is not a stress issue, it is one of will power and I need to build mine a bit more.

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