Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Exercise Nazi

I loved the Soup Nazi episodes from Seinfeld, it took something totally reprehensible and gave it a slightly new meaning, someone with incredibly exacting standards and a zeal to hold others to them.  It took the idea from my youth of the "Russian Judge" who would give an incredibly harsh score for a good performance and took it to another level.  Tonight I am using the term in a way I never thought I would, while still being uncomfortable about using it.

I had my first training session with Mel at Lifeplex today, and I ache more than anytime in my life.  I would gladly take any conditioning I did in any sport I participated in HS in, including football 2-a-days, over what I did today.  It was not so much the workout, which was hard, or my being out of shape, which is true, but rather they way she was so supportive I really did not want to not live up to her expectations.  Much like George and Jerry, who would go to ridiculous lengths to get the soup from the Soup Nazi, I was determined to push myself to whatever lengths she asked.

And ask she did.  She started off with something challenging but simple, balancing on a 1/2 ball, then jumping onto the ball, then finally jumping up while on the ball and turning a 1/4 turn.  Then the hard stuff kicked in.  I had to do walking lunges, while holding a 12 pound weight so I could twist over the knee on the ground and use a slide to slide my back leg up so I kept working the same leg again and again.  Then 20 squat jumps, which showed my lack of vertical is well even more lacking, but really made my legs scream at me as well.  Then back to more lunges on the other leg, then some jumping jacks, and moving squats with the weight.  She then told me to run to the water fountain, which proved my legs were jelly and almost made me fall over.  

We then went to using tubes for step touches, did push ups with overhead presses, and then got out the exercise ball for 7 core exercises.  It was an exhausting workout, but with rare exception-don't even ask about my push ups they were worse than my lack of vertical-I was able to rally and make a strong effort.  Mel at my side encouraging me the whole way through.  

I can't say that I am looking forward to my next session with Mel, but I am determined to perform better and continue to earn her praise, which is what you want a good coach to do.  Inspire you to be better than you are.  I'm inspired to see what comes next.

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