Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Take Aways from NTAC12

Originally Published on July 19, 2012
As always NTAC was an amazing week.  Thank you to all of the staff members from New Tech who work tirelessly to organize and put on such great events year in and year out.  I also really appreciate everyone who is willing to take time away from their learning to share what they have been doing with the rest of us.  Having never presented at a conference before, I assumed you did your work prior to the conference, then went to sessions until your time to present, did your presentation, and then rejoined the rest of the conference.  In watching several presenters that I know during the week this year, I learned that they really give up a lot of conference learning time to refine, hone, and work on creating a great experience for all of us.

With the thank you's out of the way, here are the five things I learned this week:
1.  Creating an Honors track at a NTN school does not have to be re-inventing the wheel or ponderous.-Thanks to Chris Ozias Pinkney, MI New Tech
2.  Create lasting momentum, and imbed learning, by tying your culture week events to SWLOs or Course Essential Skills.-Thanks to Senna Davis and Tim Hebert from Sacramento New Technology HS
3.  You don't always have to start a project with an entry doc or video, you can utilize a variety of methods as a bridge to Know/NTKs?Next Steps Thanks to Kevin Gantos
4.  The strength of our school will come from the culture we create within our staff, but the strength of our staff will come from connecting to the larger network or New Tech and leveraging those connections to build on what others have created before us.  Forge a new path, but utilize our resources to smooth the path.
5.  As Patrick Malley Meridian New Tech pointed out; "I have many friends in this organization who are smarter and more creative than I am and that's a wonderful thing."

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